New School Safety and Security Requirements in House Bill 123 - the Affects and Effects

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This session explains the requirements specified in House Bill 123. The legislation went into effect in March of 2021. It requires the establishment and training of behavioral assessment teams for schools that serve grades 6 through 12. The law also mandates schools to have anonymous tip lines that meet new requirements. The tip lines need to be operational before the start of the 2021-2022 school year. Additionally, the presentation will discuss the regulation that schools must deliver state approved Suicide awareness and prevention training to all staff and students. 

This new legislation will impact your school district in terms of training, organization, time management and compiling reports. The presentation will hopefully provide you with a head start in becoming compliant.

Tim Del Vecchio

Consultant for Security Services, Ohio Schools Council

Tim Del Vecchio has over 48 years of criminal justice experience, 15 of which have been in international service. 

Mr. Del Vecchio has worked closely with the International Center for Missing and Exploited Children in the USA. He collaborated with ICMEC in conducting “Model Law” seminars throughout Europe and assisted them with a Microsoft funded forensic training on child abuse images distributed via the internet. While serving as a consultant for the Swedish Institute of Public Administration he was responsible for distributing and managing 56 small grants to various Albanian NGOs. The grants funded child safety and anti-domestic violence initiatives.

Mr. Del Vecchio is a member of good standing on the United Nations panel of experts.  As a UN consultant he conducted an organized crime assessment of several countries in the Balkans. Before returning the USA, he conducted an in-depth assessment of the Kingdom of Jordan’s criminal justice system with special focus placed on the legal protection of Syrian refugees.

From 2015 to 2017 he served as a consultant for Ohio Homeland Security and assisted school districts in preparing their emergency operations plans. Since August 2017 he has worked as a security and safety advisor for the Ohio Schools Council.


New School Safety and Security Requirements in House Bill 123 - the Affects and Effects
Recorded 04/26/2021
Recorded 04/26/2021
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