Leadership Conference 2023

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Date: Sept. 20-22, 2023

Location: Sawmill Creek by Cedar Point Resorts | 400 Sawmill Creek Dr. W | Huron, OH 44839. This conference is in-person only.

Cost: $200 (Member) / $400 (Non-Member)

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The Battle of Lake Erie, an iconic event in American history, serves as a perfect case study to reflect upon leadership style, innovation, and strategic vision.

On Sept. 10, 1813, American Naval Captain Oliver Hazard Perry led a small fleet of nine ships in the first unqualified defeat of a British naval squadron in U.S. history at the Battle of Lake Erie during the War of 1812. The battle was closely contested for hours, and Perry’s flagship Lawrence was reduced to a defenseless wreck. Undaunted, he moved by small boat to the Niagara and sailed directly into the British line, firing broadsides and forcing the British to surrender. Perry had won a complete victory at the cost of 27 Americans killed and 96 wounded; British casualties were 40 dead and 94 wounded. After the battle, Perry sent a famous dispatch to American General William Henry Harrison that read, “We have met the enemy, and they are ours.” The Battle of Lake Erie forced the British to abandon Detroit, ensuring U.S. control over Lake Erie and the territorial northwest. 

Learning Objectives:

  • Discuss leadership styles and their importance in leading an organization.
  • Understand and apply the concepts of adapt, innovate, and overcome effectively in an organization.
  • Open discussions around strategic leadership, strategic vision, innovation, communications in an organization, “leading the boss”, and emotional intelligence. 


Book Resources: Presidents of War, Michael Beschloss  (Chapter on James Madison and the War of 1812); and The Lake Erie Campaign of 1813, Walter P. Rybka




Day 1 - Sept. 20

3 p.m. 
Check-in Hotel

3:30 p.m.     Great Lakes Room (Erie/Huron), Second Floor
Icebreaker & Leadership “Battle of Lake Erie” Introduction

5:30 p.m.

6:00 p.m.        Hideout Room, Second Floor
Networking Dinner


Day 2 - Sept. 21

7:30 a.m.      Great Lakes Room (Erie/Huron), Second Floor

8:00 a.m.     Great Lakes Room (Erie/Huron), Second Floor 
Program Overview

8:30 a.m.     Great Lakes Room (Erie/Huron), Second Floor 

10:30 a.m. 

10:45 a.m.     Great Lakes Room (Erie/Huron), Second Floor 

11:45 a.m.     Great Lakes Room (Erie/Huron), Second Floor 

1:00 p.m.     Great Lakes Room (Erie/Huron), Second Floor

3:00 p.m. 

3:15 p.m.     Great Lakes Room (Erie/Huron), Second Floor 

6:00 p.m.     Willows Courtyard (Outdoors) and Wildflower, First Floor 
Networking Dinner


Day 3 - Sept. 22

8:30 a.m.     Harvest Dining Room, First Floor 

9:00 a.m.     Great Lakes Room (Erie/Huron), Second Floor 

10:00 a.m.     Great Lakes Room (Erie/Huron), Second Floor

11:00 a.m. 


Jeffrey McCausland, Ph.D.

Founder and CEO, Diamond6 Leadership & Strategy, LLC

Since 2000, both domestic and internationally, Dr. McCausland has conducted numerous executive leadership development workshops and consulted for leaders in public education, US government institutions, non-profit organizations, and corporations.

Dr. McCausland is a retired Colonel from the U.S. Army and former Dean of Academics at the U.S. Army War College. He is a Visiting Professor of National Security at Dickinson College and a National Security Consultant for CBS radio & television. During his military career Dr. McCausland served in a variety of command and staff positions both in the United States and Europe during the Kosovo crisis and Operations Desert Shield and Storm.

He is a graduate of the U.S. Military Academy at West Point, the U.S. Army Airborne and Ranger schools, and the Command and General Staff College at Ft. Leavenworth, Kansas. He holds both a master’s and Ph.D. from the Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy, Tufts University.

Dr. McCausland is the co-author of Battle Tested! Gettysburg Leadership Lessons for 21st Century Leaders.

David O. Smith

Distinguished Fellow, South Asia Program at the Stimson Center

David O. Smith is a Distinguished Fellow with the South Asia Program at the Stimson Center, a nonpartisan policy research center in Washington, D.C. He retired from government service in 2012 after serving in a senior position in the Defense Intelligence Agency. Prior to that he was Senior Country Director for Pakistan in the Office of the Under Secretary of Defense (Policy) in the Department of Defense.

During thirty-one years of service in the U.S. Army, he served in a wide variety of field artillery assignments and spent 22 years dealing with politico-military issues in the Near East and South Asia. He remains actively engaged in a variety of quasiofficial (Track 2) engagements with both Pakistan and India.

He is the author of The Quetta Experience: A Study of Attitudes and Values Within the Pakistan Army, published by The Woodrow Wilson Center in 2018; The Wellington Experience: A Study of Attitudes and Values Within the Indian Army, published by the Stimson Center in 2020; and The Armstrong Brother: One Pennsylvania Family’s Contribution to Victory in the American Revolution, published by Xlibris in 2021.


OASBO Leadership Conference 2023
09/20/2023 at 3:00 PM (EDT)   |  1 day, 20 hours
09/20/2023 at 3:00 PM (EDT)   |  1 day, 20 hours